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Video "I Want to go Home"

I Want to go Home Video
Ardmore Animal Care, Inc. Animal Shelter is the animal shelter and education center for Ardmore and the surrounding communities. Humans are the ones who domesticated animals in the first place; we have an obligation to ensure their well-being. When the public fails to do that, the animal shelter must take over the responsibility. We are like child protective services, the police department, or the fire and rescue units. We exist because of people. Ardmore Animal Shelter promotes the humane treatment of all animals and receives 6,000 - 7,000 homeless or unwanted pets per year. Our shelter can house over 250 animals. On any given day there are over 200 animals residing at the shelter, most available for adoption. When you adopt a pet, you not only get a best friend, you save a life. During the year, we celebrate events such as National Pet Week and host pet adoptathons, carnivals, vaccination clinics, and obedience and agility classes.

The shelter has numerous volunteer opportunities such as assisting with the socialization of animals by interacting with them through walking, petting, playing, grooming, and feeding. We rely heavily on volunteers to give the animals the extra love and attention our pets need. Volunteers also take pets on “therapy” visits to nursing homes and hospitals and can foster un-adoptable animals in their home. Due to an injury, being too young, or any number of curable reasons these animals’ lives can be spared by spending time in loving homes until they are available for adoption into a permanent home. The shelter also needs assistance with mailings, telephone work, or visiting special locations with adoptable animals. Your greatest gift could be a gift of your time. However, monetary donations and donations such as pet food, pet treats, kitty litter, towels, blankets, and cleaning supplies are greatly appreciated.

The Ardmore Animal Shelter offers obedience and agility classes that are open to the public. You will learn to teach your pet to behave and trust you in the presence of other people and animals and learn some basic commands. If you are adopting a new pet, obedience classes are especially important in order to help him, and you, adjust to his new home with as little stress as possible. Refer to our Programs Page for more details and an enrollment form.

There is no cost to surrender an animal to Ardmore Animal Care, Inc. Animal Shelter if you live within Carter County. Anyone residing outside of Carter County is charged $25.00 per animal. You can surrender animals to our facility any time we are open to the public. For after hours service, or for assistance with transportation, contact Animal Control at the Ardmore Police Department 580-223-1212.

Come visit our facility, our staff, our volunteers, and our furry residents.